Thursday, December 9, 2010

Papers, titles, exclamation marks

Using exclamation marks in scientific papers is a controversial issue. Some people do use them in titles, some - don't. It is down to the keyboard layout you are using, really. Well, if exclamation marks are kosher, then how about this:

A new paper from Yusupov: "OMG! OMG! Yeast 70S ribosome at 2.5 A resolution, WOW!" the real WOW of the discovery that it is actually 70, but not 80S! Only x-ray could determine that. And only at 2.5 A, OMG!

And this  - "Bacterial ribosomal recycling is accomplished by concerted action of EF-G and RRF, LOL!" This one is from Rodnina.

Or imagine a letter to editor. Say, Science. "Arsenic-based life - WTF!?" Well, WTF indeed.

That was all for today.

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