Friday, July 8, 2011

Adjacent gene pairing and regulation of protein expression

Just had a great talk by Mike McAlear who was visiting us on his way to Poland. He gave a talk about co-regulation of adjustment genes, specifically ribosomal proteins and ribosomal assembly enzymes. I know what you are thinking about now, transcriptional read-through and the like. But it seems to be much more fun than that!

Genes can be on the opposite strands, they can face in opposite directions, but still, there is co-regulation which can not be contributed simply to a shared regulatory system. Something with chromatin structure, probably. Being positioned next to each other was shown to be an important factor for noise in protein expression. Becsei at al. showed in yeast that noise in protein expression is sensitive to gene position in the chromosome, and, consequently, genes positioned next to each other show somewhat correlated behavior. I think it is all different sides of one story...


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